Saturday, October 17, 2015

Moose on King and some PCMR Pictures

Today I took the dogs out to Jupiter from the house. As soon as I started walking up King and they went around the switchback both Skadi and Loki began barking somewhat frantically. As I get around the bend, I see this not too small Moose walking down the middle of King rd.

I get my dogs out of there, they're just not big enough to measure up. The Moose then walks up the hillside. On this picture he is about a 100 feet up from the road:

I also got a couple of pictures of the new stuff that Vail Resorts has been spending a good chunk of those $50,000,000.
What you see below is the base of Silverload minus the old lodge (I think it was called the Silver Lodge) plus the new one, plus the new Quick Silver Gondola that will, drop you off at Iron Mountain and so let you ski what used to be "The Canyons" and that is now just PCMR. Click to enlarge:

Somewhat closer view of the new Quick Silver gondola with thre
Silverload base station at left.

About half the new lodge anything right of the yellow aspen
is mostly hidden.

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