Sunday, October 11, 2015

In Loki Skadi gets a brother

For those of you who need a refresher Skadi was introduced on this blog some years ago. She now has a brand new brother. His name is Loki Norse god of mischief. The name is not accidental. At 10 weeks he has endless energy to get himself into all sorts of trouble and it doesn't look like a passing phase either. In any case Skadi now has a hiking buddy, here are some pictures of Loki "summiting" Jupiter and hiking with Skadi (click to enlarge):

Loki at Jupiter

...and a close up

Skadi and Loki hiking together

...hiking a lot together...

...and hanging out...

...taking in the view.

This is unrelated but as we were still up on the mountain at sundown I got to
witness the sun going down over the Uintas. It hit me then that the Unitas
being East of us and the sun setting West, we (the Wasatch) provide the shade
for the Uinta sunset. That is what this picture shows, the dark at the foothills
of the Uintas that you can see above is our shadow cast on the Uintas.

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