Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jupiter, Pine Cone and the Quicksilver Gondola mid station

Last Sunday I took the dogs out on a tour from my home in Old Town Park City, up to Jupiter Peak, then the no name 10,006 peak between Jupiter top lift station and Guardsman’s Pass from there to Scotts Pass and then the ridge line all the way to the Iron Mountain trail head. Count about 4,000+ feet elevation gain and a bunch of miles (not sure how many). In any case, this got me a close up view of the progress at the Quicksilver Gondola. From the looks of it seems that although there is a little work left they have a good shot at having everything up and running on time.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

He is still there! See a couple of posts ago,
this guy is my new permanent neighbor...

...and almost a close-up, he checked us out carefully as we started out.

Quicksilver Gondola mid-station view one towards the Canyons...

...and view 2 towards PCMR

View of the pylones all the way to the PCMR
Quicksilver base and the new lodge...

...and the pylones down towards Iron Mountain and the
Canyons lift system.

The Mountain Patrol hut is almost done...


  1. I'd love to hike up their can you get me some directions. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ryan, the shortest way would be to hike from the Iron Mountain trail head. Another approach could be from a bit before Guardsmans Pass (coming from SLC there is a small parking lot one switchback from the pass) then hike to Scotts Pass then Pine Cone ridge all the way to the mid station. If all you want is to summit Jupiter and you don't want to walk a lot then park at Guardsmans Pass and you are about 20 min from the summit.