Friday, November 27, 2015

4°F at Empire Lodge this morning

With an early start the sun didn't show up for a while and with a bit of a breeze you were not immediately overheating on the skin up! The Utah Avalanche center promised a wind-chill of -9°F and it sure felt like they were spot on. If anyone was still wondering whether winter has made it to Park City yet, those doubts were put to rest today. On top of it all we got new snow. Not a lot. Not as much as the forecast promised, but enough to make today's skiing more fun than without those added lower single digit inch values. Not to mention: Nothing like a dusting of snow on the spruces to give that special winter wonderland feel.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

A few inches on top never hurt a tour

Looking up through the spruces towards the Daley Chutes

Matias is putting in the effort...

...and collecting on that reward.

Two buddies in lock step.

Winter wonderland I...

...and winter wonderland II

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