Saturday, November 21, 2015

Return of The Empire!

Every snowfall counts these days as even the last “1 – 3 inches” made a difference at Empire. Because it was 11 degrees this morning I went up Ore Cart and Domingo which get sun earlier than Orion. Turns out that 1) that side had a better snow cover overall, and 2) the last little snowfall left a little powder on top. In other words what was meant as just another workout became a great uninterrupted ski from top to bottom. It was good enough to justify a couple of laps.

Here are the pictures:

Going up Ore Cart...

...and more Ore Cart

Upper Domingo: It may not be
first tracks but it's real turns.

10,420 - Guradsman Pass - Un-named 10,006

Jupiter is getting filled in

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