Saturday, November 7, 2015

First ski of the season

Two posts ago was the "First skin of the season". That's because we then had to skin both up and down. There was a whopping 3 inches on the ground but only on really favored spots...
As you can see from the pictures below, today was a whole different story with over a foot in favored locations. Rather than talk just about it, let me show ya'll (click to enlarge):
First impressions are everything! This is what the Collins base parking
lot looked like this morning!

Alta in full prep mode making darn sure Thanksgiving opening
will be at rendez-vous and right on time.

Looking up Nina's Curve...

It's looking a lot like winter...

What a difference one week can make! I actually broke trail.

...this is the week skiing happened...

View of Mt Baldy...

...and a close up of Great Baldy Chute, Maybe after
next storm?

View of Patsy Marley, Wolverine, and Devil's Castle.

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  1. looks a bit more hopeful. flew over CO today........much more snow there than Wasatch.