Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jupiter from Empire Lodge

On this dark gray day Silver Lake base was closed to up traffic so I went to Empire Lodge knowing I would be facing a thin “pack”. So this tour is mostly geared towards a workout with a little skiing involved. Anything below the Empire Express south shoulder is skiable all the way to the parking lot. And reasonably OK skiing at that. Of course when you go to Jupiter that stretch represents no more than a quarter or so of the outing, but still… Here are the pictures (click to enlarge):

Beginning of Orion just past the base of
the Empire Express lift

Further up Orion but before the mini "headwall"

From the "pass" separating Empire Express south shoulder
from the way up to Daly Shutes ridge line it's all skiable.

Empire Express south shoulder. That upper part is not
prime skiing just yet.

Practically all the sun there was today was shining on Jupiter...

The McConkey's traverse...

Snow making by the Summit Lodge...

...and more snow making further down Bonanza. Does this mean that
we'll open on Saturday with more than Payday?

Practicably skiable...

Clayton Peak (aka Majestic) from jupiter Peak...


Mt Wolverine, Tuscarora and Millicent

Mt Raymond, Scotts Hill and Pinecone in the foreground.

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